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Android Universal Video Platform Reveals Android Gaining on iOS in Mobile Video Wars


on Makes HTML5 & Mobile Video Strategy Easy – High-Quality Video Pre-Transcoded into 24 Formats for 6000+ Devices

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —, the world’s largest video encoding service, announced year-end video consumption trends across mobile platforms., the universal video platform deployed one year ago to solve the complexities of delivering video to HTML5 browsers and mobile devices, show trends that represent a dramatic gain in mobile video viewing from Android OS-based cell phones and tablets versus Apple iOS devices (iPhones / iPads) in 2011. automatically transcodes source videos into 24 different video formats and stores them for delivery. It uses powerful browser/device detection to deliver the appropriate video format for the best quality viewing experience specific to each feature phone, tablet, smart phone or browser on the market. With millions of videos viewed on from mobile devices in 2011, Android OS-based devices are quickly gaining on Apple iOS devices.

2011 Android OS iOS *Other Mobile
Q1 10.2% 80.9% 8.9%
Q2 20.5% 69.5% 10.2%
Q3 20.5% 59.4% 20.4%
Q4 24.0% 40.6% 35.4%

*Other Mobile devices include: Blackberry, Linux, Windows, Symbian, and Nokia
«While mobile video views on were dominated by Apple iOS devices early in the year, we’ve seen video viewing from Android devices growing significantly in the second half of 2011,» said Jeff Malkin, President of «I believe this is a lagging trend of not only increased Android device sales throughout the world, but an improvement in devices to better support viewing video.»

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